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Since 1984, Aqua-Aid Systems has earned a reputation of solving water quality problems for residential, commercial and small municipal water systems.

What’s In Your Water?

Mineral Deposits

Groundwater often dissolves minerals that are naturally occurring in the aquifer.  Iron, manganese, and hardness are most common in our area, causing taste and plumbing problems.  The water dissolves these minerals and go in solution.  Common visual indication of this is when the mineral comes back out of solution and precipitates in a toilet bowl, shower, or washing machine.  Hard water can plug up an on-demand hot water heater in months.  Iron and manganese deposits will plug up piping over time.  Low flow conditions are often a result of minerals depositing in the piping.  Our equipment is designed to take these minerals out of the water prior to going to the home piping.

pH – Acidic or Basic Water

Most commonly observed as blue staining in the shower, the pH of the water is literally dissolving your piping and fixtures.  We install and service pH neutralizers to stop this corrosion of the piping.  In older homes, the concern is dissolving the lead used a solder and in the pre-year 2000 piping.  Lead ingestion is widely recognized as a major neurological health concern, especially for children.  In some cases, point of use Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are a good choice where lead is naturally occurring.


Some naturally occurring minerals and radionuclides are of health concern and have shown to be potentially cancer causing.  These are Arsenic, Radon, and Manganese to name a few.  Man made or introduced chemicals, such as VOC’s, petroleum products, PFOS/PFAS, and common road salt can have lasting negative health effects.  Hellenbrand and REPCO products with the appropriate media can significantly reduce or eliminate these chemical components in water.  All chemicals we utilize, if needed to treat the water, are designed for potable drinking water supply use.

Micro Organisms

The most common in our area is coliform bacteria.  Not to be confused with E-coli bacteria from the intestinal tract of mammals, coliform bacteria is naturally occurring.  While a typical in bedrock water wells, dug wells commonly see this.  UltraViolet technology (UV) systems eliminate the bacteria.  Proper application of this product is critical for successful operation; this means the water needs to be clear enough for the light to penetrate the water as it flows across the UV bulb.  Often this is much preferred over chemical injection systems (commonly used is chlorine).  UV systems ARE NOT recommended for water sources that contain E-coli.

Initially created to solve the water quality problems of Cushing & Sons Wells and Pump customers, Aqua-Aid serves the water treatment and systems of all customers, regardless of the well type or who did the original installation.  We service all makes of conditioning equipment and work on drilled, dug, point, springs, and municipal water sources.

Hellenbrand and REPCO products are manufactured in the USA.  They are designed for decades of service life and have a top notch product and parts support.  Both have been in business for decades.  Our people have been factory trained and updated so you know you are getting the most up-to-date equipment installed and serviced by qualified workmen.

We can correct the problems in your water caused by:  iron (brown stains), manganese (sulfur smell, black stains), hardness (plugged up on-demand water heaters, skin irritation, hair color issues), low pH (blue stains, rotting piping/fixtures, lead leaching), sediment removal, radon and uranium mitigation, chlorine removal, bacteria removal (UV or chlorine injection), and other water quality problems.


We offer on site, no-charge estimates and testing.  We also offer water system repairs for pumps and tanks, maintenance (emergency and yearly), and home delivery of salt, filters, and other supplies needed for proper operation of your equipment.

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